Professor Meghan Sullivan (Notre Dame), “The Love Imperative – A Defense”

Wednesday, April 21, 2021
4:00 PM - 5:15 PM (ET)
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Crystal L’Hote
(802) 654-2481
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 “The Love Imperative – A Defense,” a talk by Meghan Sullivan. Sponsored by the Philosophy Department, Meghan is a professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame and Director of the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Studies.

We naturally think of love as discriminatory. You love your partner more than strangers, your friends more than your adversaries, and your home team over opponents. Indeed, most philosophers have worked hard to carve out a theory of when and why we are permitted to be so partial in our affections. Universal love, if we can even understand it, seems like an option only for saints or hippies… not realistic or practical for most of us. In this talk, Sullivan offers a philosophic defense of the Love Imperative by showing how it makes sense of love’s significance in our lives. She'll also consider how this view about love and reasons explains "good Samaritan" arguments for helping strangers and the ways that Christian moral theory might contribute to mainstream debates about what we value in other people.  

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